Now that our project is officially over, we would like to send you a big thank you.  We love how it turned out and are very excited to start using it.  You guys were both very easy to work with and seem to really have a passion to make sure your projects are run well, on time and with great customer service.  There are always bumps in the road and issues that come up, but with this project we had very few and the ones we had you were able to fix with very quickly. That goes to show the relationships you have with your sub-contractors as well.

I personally thank you for your patience with me while I did my own electrical.  I had a blast doing it, learning on the go and glad it was all done and worked!  You guys were willing to help me as well by answering some questions I had with my electrical piece which helped me over a few hurdles so thanks for that as well.

We wish you well as your business and company grows (it will) and hope you and your families have a fabulous holiday season.  We will continue to recommend RHouse.

Jason and Erin J.

After putting a great deal of time and energy into deciding to finish our basement we chose R|House Design to complete the project.  Ryan and Molly greatly exceeded our expectations in both design and attention to details.  Ryan is not only incredibly responsive, but he is trustworthy, patient, and pays special attention to his clients.  Molly knew exactly what we wanted and was able to put together a design that instantly met our needs, both functionally and stylishly.  Moreover, our fourteen year-old twin boys love everything about our new basement; including ping-pong, foosball, and of course, Xbox!  Thank you for making our basement our number one hangout and entertaining destination.

Wade L.

We would like to express our sincere appreciation to you and Molly for providing our family with the perfect basement.  It was a pleasure working with both of you during the entire process, from beginning to end.  Ultimately, we ended up with a basement that is perfect for our family and entertaining. In looking back, I am truly amazed how quickly and efficiently the project was completed.  You are clearly very well organized and that will serve you well on future projects.  We also appreciated your attention to detail and the end product is reflection of your attention to detail and the highest quality of craftsmanship. During the entire project, we always felt like we were up to date on everything that was going on in our home and that our best interests were being taken care of.  More importantly, the lack of interruption in our personal lives, notwithstanding a significant construction project, was greatly appreciated.  In fact, by the end of the project, it became clear that our 10-year-old black lab considered you to be a member of our family. Again, our entire family would like to thank you and Molly for our new basement.  We would be proud and honored to recommend you to anyone that may be interested in your services.

Eric W.

Good afternoon Ryan~I just saw the Westphals basement this morning when I picked up my daughter, and you and Molly did an amazing job!!! Eric and Stacy are thrilled with the professionalism you guys executed throughout the entire process, and the finished product is GORGEOUS! Stacy said that your company is getting very busy, and i am not surprised! Keep up the good work, and thank you for having outstanding qualities that can be measured both by your craftsmanship and your character as a person….this makes it easy to refer your business…. Stacy said she could have just left the entire selection process up to Molly herself and been completely satisfied! I am so happy for you both!! All the best~


Ryan recently helped us with the full remodeling of our basement. While I’m sure there are plenty of great companies out there offering similar services, the most valuable lesson I learned during the process was that it all boils down to one key individual; the project manager. Beyond being a hands-on project manager, it was very clear Ryan took great pride in the quality of his work all the way down to the smallest of details. Additionally, Ryan did a fantastic job at translating the technicalities of his craft into easy to understand terms for those of us “less skilled” in the arts of build and design. Thanks to Ryan, our hit ratio of guests asking “who built this for you?” is near 100%. Thanks again Ryan!


“Ryan was our Project Manager when we finished our basement.  It was a big project involving a lot of different contractors and throughout Ryan was on top of all aspects of the build out.  If any questions or issues came up Ryan was always quick to respond or resolve.  With so many trades and people involved issues are going to come up and he addressed all of them. Having had our home built you get some project managers that shift blame or make excuses. Not once did Ryan do that. It was always, “I will take care of it.”  And without fail he always did.  We could not be happier with the result and I give a lot of credit to Ryan for that. He is a very good communicator and it is obvious he is good at what he does.  A great combination to trust your home with.”


“I worked with Ryan Hemingson for a number of months on a remodel/addition to my kitchen as well as a remodel of my bathroom. The work was done on a house over 125 years old and, as usual, there were a number of surprises and challenges that arose during the project, not the least of which involved a deteriorating foundation. Throughout the project I found Ryan to be an excellent listener and problem solver. He listened to my concerns and questions and understood them completely. It was apparent that he had my satisfaction his primary objective and did everything he could to make sure I understood what was happening and how it was in my best interest. The quality of the end product was exceptional!   I have worked with scores of people on dozens of projects over the last 40 plus years and recommend Ryan without hesitation!”